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Sports Injuries

Osteopathic treatment can be used to help with a large variety of minor sporting injuries and tensions.

Above all, our patients are individuals, and we recognise that although an injury may be related to sport, it may be something in another part of their life eg work posture which may be slowing down the healing process.

Our osteopaths will assess how your body functions and getting you to work towards achieving the best level of mobility and strength that you can. Very rarely will we ask a patient to stop any sport, but we may encourage additional stretches or exercises to optimise performance.

Many sporting pains arise because the body has been over loaded or stretched beyond its capabilities. Problems may arise from the repetitive actions required to play the sport.

Problems may begin as we get older. Our joints tend to stiffen and this may require a change in our exercise routine, for example a longer warm up or deeper stretches.

All of our osteopaths have experience in one or more sports so may be able to give you specialised advice:

Jo Waterworth is a qualified swimming teacher and coach. She competed in swimming at an international level. She has also completed 4 Great North Runs.

Ross Gemmell has played football semi-professionally, and competed in gymnastics nationally as a boy. He also was employed as part of the medical team for a semi-professional football team.

Vanessa Robinson is a keen road cyclist. She has toured Europe and even completed some elements of the Tour de France. More recently, she has competed in open water swimming events.

Jill Green is a dancer. She dances weekly at latin dance events all over the North of England.

Marcus Watson also cycles. He completed the London to Paris cycle event a few years ago, raising money for charity.

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